PCOS & Whole30//Paleo

I met with my Endocrinologist of many years the other day. It’s been YEARS since I’ve seen her, literally. (btw i cannot stand the misuse of the word literally 😳) . I have had thyroid issues since I was 11, my thyroid now is just a piece of tissue in my body being useless. I was also diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis many years back, but it was only until Melissa Hartwig came out with It Starts with Food that I realized there was a way to live with all my issues and feel good.

After baby#2 my hormones are completely screwed up at this point. She’s10 months now and I’ve yo-yo’ed the same 10 pounds all those 10 months. My thyroid levels and hormone levels were just all over the place. So we met and had a hardcore conversation about being Whole30 for life and how PCOS (Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) actually has literally nothing to do with cycsts on the ovaries, who would have thought?

We discussed my current eating habits, which have been 80%paleo the last 3 weeks and a cupcake or tortilla or some popcorn here and there. Well her advice was to be Whole30 forever. I told her that was impossible because well, life, plus, Whole30 (compared to Paleo) means NO sugar and NO baked goods or indulgent foods -even if they’re paleo.

So I’m taking it slow, sticking to paleo foods, trying not to “cheat” because she says even the slightest non-paleo ingredient will set my metabolism back TWO weeks. Geez, if that’s not motivation I don’t know WHAT IS. So she gave me some tips amd some medication for insulin resistance which is what comes with PCOS and my autoimmune disease Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. It was such a big help that I’d already been knowledgeable in this area and that I knew what to essentially expect. Hearing the scientific part was everything for me. I need to know why and how.

Also, if you’re a family member of mine and you’re female, it IS genetic. So it wouldn’t hurt to get yourself checked out ..my daughter may eventually have this too. I’ve already had her thyroid levels checked and as of now her thyroid is fully functioning. Yay!

If you’re feeling tired, sluggish, gaining weight, or just cant lose the weight, if you were a late bloomer in terms of puberty, have delayed menstrual periods (a cycle of longer than 28 days is considered delayed)… it wouldn’t hurt to ask for a full panel of hormone tests.

Include yourself on your own well-being and learn about your own health!

Below are some of the books I’ve read about health that I truly recommend πŸ™‚



Paleo grocery haul!

Recently I shared that I’m on a journey to having a Paleo lifestyle again, this time with the whole family!

It’s been hard because I have that feeling of “well, you didn’t stick to it last time, so why would it work this time” BUT regardless, I’m trying because I know from past experiences just how good I feel eating Paleo approved foods (and how shitty I feel when I don’t)

For dinner I’ve made pork chops in tomato sauce with tons of sauteed veggies, bacon chicken with steamed broccoli, and tonight we’re having tri-tip and baked potatoes! Simple stuff!

Here are some of my favorite snacks from Trader Joes

Also, I have a huge jar of raw, unsalted cashews from costco! I keep those and cuties in the car because I am always on the GO and I have to stay prepared!

Also- I made some ghee (clarified butter), but I’ll save that how to post for another day πŸ˜‰

On the road to feeling good #goingpaleo

Here I am again, attempting to guide my whole family to a feel- good way of eating. I don’t want to say healthier because let’s face it – everyone has their own idea of healthy!

If you don’t know what the Paleo diet looks like, in short -it is eating mostly only eggs, meats (especially those like organ meats), nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruits and spices. No white flours, very specific sugars like coconut sugar or raw honey, no dairy 😭 and *ALMOST* nothing packaged (since this way of eating has become so popular in the past years, more packaged items have become paleo friendly) . Obviously it gets more complex and there are some exceptions here and there.

Paleo for me is not just a fad – it’s a way of eating that helps ME to feel good. A few years ago I found out I have an auto-immune disease and it all made sense! Why I always feel junky, cant loose weight, crappy moods, low energy, etc. Plus, I just had the Mirena IUD for 9 months and I felt all the above x300 with it. But that’s a story for another day! It was time for a change, I wanted to feel better, look less like I was 6 months pregnant (from bloat) and I wanted to share all this with my family too.

Looking back, I’m able to realize that my biggest mistake was trying to go paleo cold-turkey. Most books that I’d read in regards to being completely Paleo will tell you to raid your pantry and toss EVERYTHING that doesn’t meet Paleo standards, but if you’re on a low budget like me, that’s just not happening!

After reading Real Life Paleo, I felt even more confident to do this long term because Stacy tells you to throw out the biggest offenders (in my case that would be milk, cereal, tortillas πŸ˜– and beans) and simply just stop buying the stuff that isn’t Paleo! So thats the part that I am on, I’m going to make a separate post next for my most recent grocery haul & my favorite snacks.

Perfect Red Enchilada Sauce

I LOVE Pinterest, gives me the best sparks of creation and motivation to keep perfecting my own recipes ..but .. I get so frustrated when I’m browsing online and a “Mexican” recipe comes across because 90% of the time.. it’s NOT Mexican.

Putting black olives, or cheese, or sour cream or green onion on something doesn’t make it Mexican.

Then I realized,.. well, how will anyone make real and authentic Mexican food if all the truly authentic recipes stay in our Mother & Grandmother’s kitchens and nowhere else. So here I am sharing my mother’s Perfect Red Enchilada Sauce, because I love it so much, I think everyone deserves to love it too!!

Perfect Red Enchilada Sauce

you’ll need…

6 tomatoes

5 Chile guajillo

1 Chile de arbol

salt to taste !

**you may add some fresh garlic when boiling your ingredients or some garlic powder when blending the ingredients, but my husband is a vampire 😁

  • First step is to de-seed your chiles, we don’t want the seeds in our sauce (I just rip off the top and use my fingers to loosen the seeds enough to just fall right out)

  • Once the chiles have been rid of their seeds cover them with water in a pot with the tomatoes as well

  • bring to a boil on med-high heat, you’ll know it’s ready when the tomatoes break and the chiles get a deeper red

  • blend all the chiles with one tomato and a little less than a cup of the water in which everything boiled (this will lessen the pieces of Chile skin hanging around in the sauce)

  • add the tomatoes and desired amount of salt and blend again for about 45 second to a minute (depends on your blender, really)
  • Enjoy!!!

I add this to my enchiladas ..obviously, but also you can add it to some chicken breast in a crockpot and make tacos, quesadillas, tostadas or burritos with the delicious saucy chicken (add the sauce and 3-4 chicken breasts on low for 8 hrs or high for 4 hrs in a crockpot)

So yummy!! AND ….authentic πŸ˜‰

-simply lizz

my river of creativity

I’ve been a little MIA lately because I’ve been doing what I love …crafting!! Lately it’s been sewing.

I have always wanted specific things for my kiddos as they’ve grown (and for my home) and I can never find anything I truly want in store ..

for example ..when our oldest turned 3 he requested an ” It’s a Small World” birthday party. Where on EARTH would I get all the stuff? Centerpieces .. cake toppers.. goodie bags… INVITATIONS?! I checked Amazon.. nope ..checked Diddams and I looked in Party City (or is it Party America? I can never get it right since they’ve changed names), nothing. I knew for SURE I’d find everything I needed on Etsy.. wrong again πŸ˜₯

I felt my only option was to just get creative and make it up! So I did .. I even made him a birthday shirt with shirt transfers, I had a HUGE help with my dessert table from an amazing friend and she amazingly did the cake

Fast forward to this past year, he wanted a “Pirates of the Caribbean” party.. and that’s exactly what he got!

My point is that I love to craft and be creative! And I’d be lying if I said that I don’t dream of selling my crafts!

Here are some things I’ve done…

This is a pouf that I filled with stuffed animals, the first one pictured is actually a custom order 😊

star wars pouf

I made a double sided boppy cover, I love The Little Mermaid!

Here is a pleated skirt for my little babe, don’t let your eyes deceive you this is a size 12 months

here I crafted the little flower wreath contraption and sewed together a mini crib sheet (apparently nobody sells them πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ)

This one might be my favorite craft so far… just because of the pure JOY it brought my son this past Halloween, DIY Ghostbusters outfit ..put the whole outfit together and made the proton pack from scratch, he LOVED it

SUPER simple ..and obvious Jack Skellington night light

Fall Disney Wreath

“Ready to POP” kettle corn favors for my baby shower

Christmas wreath (not Disney LOL)

Another simple, yet fun project I did for my son’s first birthday, each Mickey head has a picture and a number .. for example first Mickey head says 1 and there’s a picture when he was one month old

these photos are not here so i can “show off”, but rather a way to show case years of my hard work, a way I can remember the beautiful things I’ve createdπŸ’–

if you’re still here till the very end of this post, thanks for listening! If you love to craft, do it! Make time for the things you love, whatever it may be!

and if you’re interested in one of my crafts, just let me know!

-simply lizz

Thousand Island dressing

Since we’ve had 70Β° weather here, my husband and I have had a salad almost every day. I’m not so great at eating veggies, but salad.. oh baby! Give me ALL the toppings lol.

we’ve eaten so much salad that we’ve finished all the thousand island dressing that we had in the fridge, and I did NOT want to go to the grocery store with 2 kids for ONE thing ..(like that was REALLY going to happen, ha!)

So, if you’re in a pickle like such ..here’s a super simple recipe!

Thousand Island Dressing

you’ll need..

2 or 3 tbsp of ketchup

1/2c mayonnaise (prepared or homemade will work)

1-2 tsp vinegar (any kind really works well, I used red wine vinegar, but you can use white or even apple cider vinegar too)

4-6 baby pickles or one large pickle (you can also use 2 tbsp of relish, but I had none)

*if you’re not a fan of pickles then feel free to use less!

pinch of salt, black pepper (you can add whatever you’d like here, I added a pinch of garlic and onion, but you can make it spicy with some cayenne or paprika too)

***i have my mayo in a 1/4c that’s why it’s overflowing and I love pickles so I added a ton and the red wine vinegar is not pictured

if you’re using relish that’s great! if not, you’ll have to mince your pickles to your liking like I did

mix it all up

pour your mixture into whatever you’d like and enjoy!

I would recommend to refrigerate it a bit and let all the flavors bind πŸ˜‹

just some notes..

  • if you want it to thicken up add more mayo
  • if you want to thin it out to be more runny add more vinegar (teeny bit at a time)
  • you can also add chopped onion if that’s your thing


-Simply Lizz


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Gardening for Dummies

Okay, so growing up, my parents had a beautiful and simple garden.. Oregano, garlic chives, lemon grass (makes amazing tea), aloe, mint (which spreads EVERYWHERE by the way, so if you’re thinking of planting some, do it in a pot to contain it), rosemary (loved putting this on our potatoes or roasted chicken and hunks of prime rib), lemon tree (would give us enough lemons for me to make and sell lemonade as a kidπŸ˜‹), tomatoes, cucumbers and squash.

I have the best memories when it comes to gardening! So naturally I’ve always said I’d have a beautiful and thriving garden at my adult home (I also wanted chickens, but 2 children are enough for now LOL)

Fast forward to now, we are in a home in the Bay Area with beautiful weather and some nice pockets for gardening around the yard!

Our home came with a lemon tree, cherry tree, peach tree and plum tree, oh and nopales (edible cacti)!!!!

Also, it came with an avocado tree which I’m really rooting for (lol, gosh I just keep getting funnier). Each time I look at it, it reminds me of my paternal grandmother. Her avocado tree was her thing, and when she died, her tree stopped producing avocados for some time. I was very young when she passed so that’s one of my very few memories I have of her and I really hope I can do this gardening thing to have a piece of her here with me in our home. So I’ve been faithfully watering those and hoping they’ll grow!

The new ones I’ve planted are cherry tomatoes, beef-steak tomatoes (my favorite for slicing and eating on burgers or sandwiches), butternut squash (pulled and dried out the seeds of a store-bought one), pumpkins, yellow onions, cilantro, strawberries, baby potatoes (also store- bought ..sliced in half and dried for a week before being planted).

I have NO idea if they’re going to thrive. My garden was mostly rock, so I’m just crossing my fingers they give me something to harvest!

What HAS grown already is my celery and romaine lettuce! If you don’t know already, they re-grow in water!

basically for both the lettuce and celery you chop off the top part and leave about 2 inches to re-grow, super simple! Leave them to sit in enough water too cover the root part and change the water each day, easy as pie! .. why is that even a saying because pie is not easy to make (not easier than cookies anyway)

after the first night I started seeing growth in my celery.

Here it is from start to now (a week later)

I tried to re-grow carrots, but apparently only the green tops will grow back (which is good for a pesto sauce)

Here’s the Romaine lettuce progress..

I’ve now added a third one in there, so you can see what it looks like from freshly cut to a week later.

I’m so excited for my baby garden, I’ll keep you guys posted! Later on in the week I’ll be attempting to grow tomatoes in a different way, if you want to see a post about it, let me know in the comments!

-Simply Lizz



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