Yogurt Melts

My little babe is one of those who does NOT tolerate milk- based formulas. It was such a struggle to find a fitting formula when my breastmilk supply was starting to diminish. Talk about extra stress, as if moms don’t have enough stress already!

Anyway, my point is that although she doesn’t tolerate milk-based formulas, she surprisingly is able to tolerate yogurt!

Here we are, she’s 7 months old next week and these yogurt bites are one of her favorite snacks!

I’ve done them a few times before this post and I just never get tires of making them because it’s so quick, convenient AND my favorite way to use half eaten fruits like bananas or strawberries that are getting a bit smooshy. If you want to save some time and don’t have any fruits or veggies laying around you could also use purees!

**these are FROZEN and do melt fairly quickly (not great for traveling like the store bought and freeze dried ones)**

Easy Peasy Yogurt Melts

**freeze for 2 hours at least**

you’ll need:

parchment paper

baking trays (or anything flat really, I suppose a plate would work too, if that’s all you’ve got!)

1 piping bag (I have definitely used regular sandwich baggies before too, this recipe can be changed to be as thick or thin as you’d like, basically the thicker the consistency the more the sandwich baggie is at risk for ripping random holes)

blender (only if you’re using whole fruits/veggies)

1/2cyogurt (plain, whole milk yogurt for little babes)

handful of any kind of fruit or veggie or puree (I used strawberries and then made strawberry banana)

if using whole fruit/veggies

  • line your trays with parchment paper
  • blend your whole strawberries with 1/4c of the yogurt
  • Mix it with 1/4c of the plain yogurt (the more yogurt you mix in the thicker it will be, so if the mixture is too runny then add more plain yogurt one spoonful at a time

if using puree

    • line your trays with parchment paper
    • Mix your puree with 1/2c of yogurt (the more yogurt you mix in the thicker it will be, so if the mixture is too runny then add more plain yogurt one spoonful at a time or it it’s too thick add more puree)

once it’s all mixed..

  • spoon your mixture into the piping bag (mine turned out so runny I was able to just pour it)

  • twist at the top so that you have a nice grip and it doesn’t fall out the top
  • cut a small piece of the tip of the piping bag (the thicker the consistency, the larger cut you’ll want to make)
  • pipe your mixture onto the trays making whatever shape or size you’d like, I made mine small because my little babe was choking on one the first time i made them and that scared the life out of me

  • throw your pan into the freezer at LEAST 2 hours
  • once they’re all frozen you can pop them into a Tupperware that seals tight and throw it back in the freezer, if they last that long😋

This recipe is seriously so versatile, you can do any kind of fruit, even frozen. My 4 year old loves them too! I might throw some avocado in with banana next time.

You just can’t go wrong 😁

let me know what kind of combinations you tried!


-Simply Lizz




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Author: Simply Lizz

Well, hello! I'm Lizz! Married, Mommy of 2, worked with children of all ages since I was 14 years old, now that I've had my own children I'm lucky enough to be a stay at home do-it-all Stay tuned for recipes, crafts, tips and probably the occasional rant :) -simply lizz

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