Gardening for Dummies

Okay, so growing up, my parents had a beautiful and simple garden.. Oregano, garlic chives, lemon grass (makes amazing tea), aloe, mint (which spreads EVERYWHERE by the way, so if you’re thinking of planting some, do it in a pot to contain it), rosemary (loved putting this on our potatoes or roasted chicken and hunks of prime rib), lemon tree (would give us enough lemons for me to make and sell lemonade as a kid😋), tomatoes, cucumbers and squash.

I have the best memories when it comes to gardening! So naturally I’ve always said I’d have a beautiful and thriving garden at my adult home (I also wanted chickens, but 2 children are enough for now LOL)

Fast forward to now, we are in a home in the Bay Area with beautiful weather and some nice pockets for gardening around the yard!

Our home came with a lemon tree, cherry tree, peach tree and plum tree, oh and nopales (edible cacti)!!!!

Also, it came with an avocado tree which I’m really rooting for (lol, gosh I just keep getting funnier). Each time I look at it, it reminds me of my paternal grandmother. Her avocado tree was her thing, and when she died, her tree stopped producing avocados for some time. I was very young when she passed so that’s one of my very few memories I have of her and I really hope I can do this gardening thing to have a piece of her here with me in our home. So I’ve been faithfully watering those and hoping they’ll grow!

The new ones I’ve planted are cherry tomatoes, beef-steak tomatoes (my favorite for slicing and eating on burgers or sandwiches), butternut squash (pulled and dried out the seeds of a store-bought one), pumpkins, yellow onions, cilantro, strawberries, baby potatoes (also store- bought ..sliced in half and dried for a week before being planted).

I have NO idea if they’re going to thrive. My garden was mostly rock, so I’m just crossing my fingers they give me something to harvest!

What HAS grown already is my celery and romaine lettuce! If you don’t know already, they re-grow in water!

basically for both the lettuce and celery you chop off the top part and leave about 2 inches to re-grow, super simple! Leave them to sit in enough water too cover the root part and change the water each day, easy as pie! .. why is that even a saying because pie is not easy to make (not easier than cookies anyway)

after the first night I started seeing growth in my celery.

Here it is from start to now (a week later)

I tried to re-grow carrots, but apparently only the green tops will grow back (which is good for a pesto sauce)

Here’s the Romaine lettuce progress..

I’ve now added a third one in there, so you can see what it looks like from freshly cut to a week later.

I’m so excited for my baby garden, I’ll keep you guys posted! Later on in the week I’ll be attempting to grow tomatoes in a different way, if you want to see a post about it, let me know in the comments!

-Simply Lizz



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