Perfect Red Enchilada Sauce

I LOVE Pinterest, gives me the best sparks of creation and motivation to keep perfecting my own recipes ..but .. I get so frustrated when I’m browsing online and a “Mexican” recipe comes across because 90% of the time.. it’s NOT Mexican.

Putting black olives, or cheese, or sour cream or green onion on something doesn’t make it Mexican.

Then I realized,.. well, how will anyone make real and authentic Mexican food if all the truly authentic recipes stay in our Mother & Grandmother’s kitchens and nowhere else. So here I am sharing my mother’s Perfect Red Enchilada Sauce, because I love it so much, I think everyone deserves to love it too!!

Perfect Red Enchilada Sauce

you’ll need…

6 tomatoes

5 Chile guajillo

1 Chile de arbol

salt to taste !

**you may add some fresh garlic when boiling your ingredients or some garlic powder when blending the ingredients, but my husband is a vampire 😁

  • First step is to de-seed your chiles, we don’t want the seeds in our sauce (I just rip off the top and use my fingers to loosen the seeds enough to just fall right out)

  • Once the chiles have been rid of their seeds cover them with water in a pot with the tomatoes as well

  • bring to a boil on med-high heat, you’ll know it’s ready when the tomatoes break and the chiles get a deeper red

  • blend all the chiles with one tomato and a little less than a cup of the water in which everything boiled (this will lessen the pieces of Chile skin hanging around in the sauce)

  • add the tomatoes and desired amount of salt and blend again for about 45 second to a minute (depends on your blender, really)
  • Enjoy!!!

I add this to my enchiladas ..obviously, but also you can add it to some chicken breast in a crockpot and make tacos, quesadillas, tostadas or burritos with the delicious saucy chicken (add the sauce and 3-4 chicken breasts on low for 8 hrs or high for 4 hrs in a crockpot)

So yummy!! AND ….authentic 😉

-simply lizz